Is 888 toll-free from Canada

Is 888 toll-free from Canada

The number 888 is among seven types of toll-free numbers that are typically used by companies and customer service reps. If you have the 888 code, any person who is from those the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and other nations and regions that are part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) can contact you for free. There is no need to worry about the cost of long-distance calls even if they are located far from your geographic area. We also provide services at Prepaid Mall.

What’s the procedure to get a toll-free number in the US and Canada


The caller will not be compensated (if they are calling in one of these areas earlier mentioned). When your customers call your business and make calls from abroad, any costs that they might have incurred would be passed onto your company. If you’re using a VoIP service provider like a prepaid mall which is completely free with unlimited calls within Canada in addition to Canada and the US in addition to Canada and Canada that means you’ll lower the cost of long-distance calls for calls made outbound. We also provide services at Prepaid Mall.

Toll-free numbers can also be used for text messages that customers of NANP countries can send to you for free. You’ll require to have a phone number active that allows texts, just like all other numbers that are provided by Lets Dial.


benefits that come with having an 888 phone number toll-free



If your telephone number isn’t connected to a specific area code it isn’t your company. A number with the area code 888 allows you to declare that you serve customers from the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and around the globe. This will increase the number of potential clients.

Your toll-free number can assist in getting new customers. If your clients don’t seem at all loyal to your company yet they may be hesitant to call any business which charges for calling. The 888 number will assure your customer that they’re protected. We also provide services at 845 area code.


Appear more established


Toll-free numbers are typically employed by well-known and large firms. If you’re given an area code of 888, your company will appear to be established and more prestigious than your current team. It also helps you demonstrate that you’re ready to handle lots of clients.


Your number is a great way to differentiate yourself from the crowd. The number the suffix 888 can be compared to a top-quality web domain. Similar to the way that people tend to go to .com websites before net websites, customers tend to dial numbers with 888 first before dialing different numbers such as local area codes. We also provide services at 870 area code.


Call and text anyone in Canada as well as the US or Canada for free


Customers do not have to be the only ones to save money by using your toll-free service. A number with the code 888 may offer free texts and calls to customers living in Canada and the US and Canada to you too. Prices can vary between landline and mobile providers, a VoIP service like My Country Mobile doesn’t charge additional fees for outbound calls or messages sent to either country regardless of the number of messages you transmit. You can read more blogs about How to dial the US from South Africa

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